AirHost Web Service

Channel Manager + PMS (Property Management System)

All you need to manage your listings and automate your work !
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AirHost Web Service

increases Airbnb host’s sales - strongly supporting operation automation!

AirHost Web Service

increases Airbnb host’s sales - strongly supporting operation automation!

AirHost Web Service

increases Airbnb host’s sales - strongly supporting operation automation!


AirHost Web Service keeps your inventory and rates up to date in multi-channels !
It also automates and eases your everyday operations with many PMS functionalities !

Channel Manager

AirHost provides Channel Manager functionality among with many OTAs. Gain more bookings from many channels including Airbnb, Agoda, AsiaYo and more! AirHost makes sure to keep inventory rates automatically up-to-date on all channels to avoid any double booking. For rate control, percentage can be set for each channels for flexible control. For example, you can set 100% for Airbnb while you set 120% for Agoda. It also enables you to centrally block dates on calendar on all linked channels.

Automated Messaging

To be successful in vacation rental business, quick and friendly messaging is the key to success. If you use AirHost Web Service, you can easily setup various automated messages using “tags.” From the initial communication, at the time of reservation confirmation, before and after check-in, and before and after check-out can be messaged automatically, hence making your daily messaging much more smooth. AirHost Web Service also has multi-language support in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese! AirHost proudly recommends AirHost Web Service to vacation rental owners and management agency, especially those who run multiple listings.

Cleaning Management

AirHost Web Service configures specific cleaning company/staff for each listing. It is fully automated once configured that new reservations, changes, and any cancellations are all synchronized using the cleaning calendar. You can manually assign cleaners as well that it enables you to manage flexibly when unexpected situations arise. When you need to check the cleaning status, it indicates before and after cleaning as well as cancellations by using specific colors. If the same day check in takes place, it is indicated with a star mark. AirHost Web Service allows you to customize various automated messages and is linked to making “invoices and paycheck stubs,” enabling easy finance management for running vacation rentals.

Inquiry Centralization・fixed phrase

For those hosts who have multiple listings and also use multiple channels, if you use AirHost Web Service, you can check and manage all of your messages all in one. Therefore, you no longer need to repeat logging in and out to different accounts you own. By logging in once, you will be able to manage all of your listings more efficiently. In addition, AirHost Web Service offers message fixed phrase function, thus you can register and reuse the responses of frequently asked questions to make more effective way of messaging.

Income Report

For each listing, it is hard to continuously grasp the initial cost, monthly cost, profit, and the recovery situation of the initial cost. However, AirHost Web Service automatically takes in the monthly profits, thus provides monthly income report that is intuitive, indicating monthly income expenditure and the recovery situation of the initial cost. As well as the detailed individual listing report, there is the total report of all the listings. Therefore, you can easily check the area specific profit and the profit ratio of each channel in comparison to the entire profit.

Property List・Vacancy Search

Because you store the complete information of each of the listing, you can easily search and refer to your listings even in the unit of hundreds. Hence, even if you are a company operating hundreds of listings, AirHost Web Service can provide full support! You can also search the vacancy of all of the registered listings, if there is any problems arise so that you can quickly search alternate listing in the nearby area.

Skewered Reservation Calendar

By using our skewered reservation calendar, you can check multiple accounts’ entire reservation calendar all in one page. It is easy to filter by the listing names. You no longer need to repeat logging in and out!

Automatic Discount Application

If you setup discount for “latest 1 week,” “latest 2 weeks,” and latest 15 to 45 days,” it automatically applies the discount price daily. By modifying prices daily, it improves SEO on Airbnb.

Today’s Check-In

For the tasks of daily check-in and customer services on the phone and at the reception, it is important to be able to refer to the reservation information, guest information, and the listing information. In “Today’s Check-In” menu, as well as the guest name, the reservation number, listing name, room number, and the listing address, you can search and refer even a part of check-in information on that day.

Double Booking Management

In case of unforeseen circumstances where double booking takes place, it is very important to manage such circumstances to be detected quickly and correspondence to be fully met till the end. We AirHost always inspects duplicate reservations and manage till the end so that one reservation is changed/canceled when double booking takes place.

Capability Utilization Map

By looking at the capability utilization map, you can see the entire listings’ capability utilization easily. It is easy to examine those listings that you can potentially increase the prices and those you need leverage by changing required filtering.


Based on the reservation and cleaning data, AirHost Web Service automatically creates invoices and paycheck stubs. You can also manually add and subtract items, thus you can create invoices and paycheck stubs for those clients and cleaners who need reimbursement.

Channel Manager (Site Controller) Function

By using AirHost Web Service, you can interact with multiple channels (reservation sites) at the same time. As well as calendar and price synchronization functions, you can seamlessly use automated messaging, cleaning management, and earning management functions without worrying about different channels.



Automated Messaging

In order to run vacation rental business successfully, it is crucial to have good customer services via messaging. Faster message response provides sense of security and builds good relationship with guests. However, if you are a multi-listing owner or a management agency, it is challenging to respond quickly to countless messages that come one after another. It also requires a lot of time and effort.

If you use AirHost Web Service, you can flexibly setup automated messages using variable “tags.” You can automatically send messages like first inquiry, reservation confirmation, before and after check in, and before and after check out to greatly eliminate daily messaging operation hassles. This function summarizes the know-how of AirHost as a vacation rental support business that we highly recommend to hosts who handle multi vacation rental listings.

Cleaning Management

If you run multiple listings, it is a lot of work to manage cleaning and replenishment items. It is not surprising that many hosts use professional services to take care of cleaning. If you are thinking about managing cleaning schedules, please do not hesitate to contact us!

AirHost Web Service completely automates each listing’s cleaning schedule that it configures cleaning company or staff for each listing and any new reservation, change, and/or cancellation to be managed. You can manually assign company/staff so even it is not a full time company/staff, you can flexibly manage cleaning schedule. You can also check the cleaning condition by different colors used for before and after cleaning as well as at the time of cancellation. If the same day check in takes place, it is indicated with a star mark.

You can customize various automated messaging as well as it is linked to “invoice and payment stubs” that if you are a management agency and require accounting services, AirHost Web Service takes care of everything.


Inquiry Centralization・Fixed Phrase

Whether you own multiple listings or you use multiple channels, if you use Air Host Web Service, you can check and manage messages all in one setting.

For example, if you list your listings on Airbnb and Agoda, you can check and manage messages on both sites all at once. Of course, you no longer need to repeat logging in and out for different accounts you own on Airbnb as well.

Furthermore, AirHost Web Service has message fix phrases functions so if you have frequently asked questions and messages, you can keep registering and reuse them to make message response more efficiently.


Income Report

If you use AirHost Web Service, it automatically acquires monthly profit data, thus creates easy to understand reports instantly. If you input cost information, you can properly check income and expenditure easily.

It is especially hard to continuously grasp multiple listings’ initial setup cost, monthly cost, profit, and the recovery situation of the initial setup cost. If you use AirHost Web Service, it supports vacation rental and hotel management with easy to understand intuitive monthly reports.

As well as the detailed report, Air Host Web Service provides the complete report of the all listings. This allows you to easily check and analyze each reservation channel’s profit ratio and district differences.

We have each client’s individual profit report too!

If you are a management agency, you might be creating and providing each client’s profit report monthly. If you use AirHost Web Service, you are given a designated URL for each client, thus your client can check and download client’s profit report, profit information, as well as reservation information on their own.

Make your business more efficient!

AirHost Web Service seamlessly supports the daily tasks of your entire business with various useful automated tools such as calendar synchronization, discount application, messaging, check in management, cleaning arrangement, capacity utilization analysis, accounting, profit report, and double booking management.

In addition, we are improving daily with your feed backs. Please register with our free trial and let us know what kind of functions you want to see and what you want us to improve. AirHost Web Service is always improving with our customers.

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